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Our story began when Cody, a PhD chemist teaching on the chemistry faculty at a university in Oklahoma, decided to nerd out and go back to school to pursue a PharmD. While a pharmacy student, he began working with undergraduate chemistry students in the library for tutoring...with sessions often going until the library closed for the night.

Back then, we had no website, no scheduling service, no webcams, and no advertising. Students found us by word of mouth and kept coming back until they finished their chemistry careers. Since then, our services have expanded to include high school and AP courses, professional exam (MCAT/DAT/PCAT) prep, and occasional other science and math needs. Contact us to see how we can help you with your educational needs.


Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD)

June 2015 - University of Oklahoma Health Science Center

I am a pharmacist licensed in the state of Oklahoma. I have experience in both the retail and hospital pharmacy settings.

Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry (PhD)

May 2006 - Texas Tech University

I completed my PhD work in Organic Chemistry exploring new synthetic methodologies and reaction discovery. I have postdoctoral research experience and university teaching experience.

The not-so-fine print: Our business name is Oklahoma Chemistry Tutor, LLC and our company is registered in the state of Oklahoma. We do not condone or participate in any form of academic dishonesty or cheating. Our goal is to help you learn...all exams or other graded work must be your own work. We can make no guarantees with regard to grades or academic performance on your part.

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