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Whew...end of Spring Semester 2022

Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial start of summer and and by now all of the local schools have ended their spring semesters. It has been a great semester on the tutoring front. This marks the first semester we've had this website up and running. I've been pleasantly surprised with the smoothness with which the online booking process has run. This semester has seen us focus heavily on university level General Chemistry 2 (esp equilibria, acid/base chemistry, kinetics). Of course, we've had several organic chemistry students. We've had a few high school A/P students show up as well as a college level senior seminar person.

Bookings are now open for the summer session. As always, if you're interested in tutoring the first step is to contact us to make sure it is a class / topic we currently have a tutor for. General chemistry (university and high school level) and organic chemistry is always available on this website, but we still like to get to know you and talk about the process before we start anything new. As always, feel free to contact us any time you have any questions whatsoever!

Have a great rest of your Memorial Day weekend, and don't forget why we're celebrating today.

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