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Online Chemistry Tutoring

Plus various math / science offerings taught by a dual doctoral level scientist.

Above the Clouds

What Do I Teach?

I'm a PhD organic chemist first and foremost and have years of experience teaching and tutoring it. I'm also a PharmD pharmacist and can offer assistance with various other science and math courses, both at the university and high school levels. Contact me to ask about exam prep (MCAT / PCAT / DAT) services.


All aspects of high school level and freshman level university general chemistry. Organic chemistry is my specialty. I am generally not comfortable tutoring biochemistry as a stand-alone subject.


I've had university calculus up through integration in multidimensional space, as well as through linear/matrix algebra. That said, I typically limit my tutoring to college level algebra & trig or lower.


Physiology and pharmacology are specific areas of strength. High school level physics and life sciences. University level introductory bio. Ask me about anatomy or microbiology. I do not tutor advanced biology subjects outside those listed.

Exam Prep

We can customize a series of sessions to help you prepare for pre-professional exams. Contact me directly to work out a plan that works best for you.


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